ETMM-ERCOFTAC Symposium in Rhodes, Greece

Energy & Power Generation External event     15.09.2021

The ETMM-ERCOFTAC symposium will be held May 12-14, 2021 15-17 September, in Rhodes, Greece. The symposium focuses on targeted translation of fundamental discoveries into practically relevant models and experimental systems that serve the design process in mechanical, aeronautical and civil engineering, and the prediction of physically and geometrically complex processes in the natural environment.

The background against which ETMM was established was one characterized by rapid developments in the area of statistical (RANS) turbulence modeling and their exploitation in commercial and industrial CFD codes. At the same time, sophisticated experimental techniques, such as 3D LDV, time-resolving PIV and PLIF, were becoming widely available in the form of commercially produced systems, and entered the industrial R&D environment.

More details about the symposium can be found here

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