Cadence University for students

NUMECA is now Cadence

Are you a student registered at a university/academic institution? Then you've come to the right place.

Cadence has a series of state-of-the-art flow simulation tools tailored to your needs, completely FREE of charge.

Benefit from

  • Unlimited cells
  • Unlimited computational hours
  • Documentation, tutorials and introductory videos included
  • Access to Cadence moderated forum

Choose the software package which would be most suitable for your needs:

Basics of CFD in 8 Weeks - Free Online Course

Starting October 26th 2021

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In- and external flow package

Omnis™/Open with OpenLabs™ including:

  • Omnis™/Hexpress
  • Omnis™/Open-DBS flow solver (limited to 4 cores)
  • Openlabs™ (to customize and add physical models)
  • CPU Booster™ for multiphysics
  • Modal & Flutter Analysis
  • CFView™
  • Openlabs™ exchange in the Cadence forum


Omnis™/AutoGrid for turbomachinery meshing, including: 

  • Multistage meshing
  • Blade-to-blade setup

OMNIS™/Hexpress, allowing you to:

  • Import, and Edit your CAD model
  • Dynamically adapt the triangulation
  • Repair the geometry with advanced tools: Cap Holes, Extrude faces, Remove Features, Loft and Revolve curves
  • Create your domain and define multiple designs
  • Use OMNIS™/Hexpress' most advanced capabilities:
    • Choose between HYBRID and Full HEX mesh
    • Define different refinement modes
    • Set surface and volume refinements
    • Use Proximity refinement to capture specific features of the geometry
  • Generate the mesh. Analyse the result with the quality histograms and color contour. Isolate and display the cells by quality criteria ranges.
  • Export your mesh in various formats to be used with Cadence and various other solvers 

Marine package


Do you want to solve the flow around cargo vessels, cruise ships, sailing yachts, offshore vessels and platforms, high-speed motor boats or military vehicles?

The marine package for students includes FINE™/Marine consisting of:

  • OMNIS™/Hexpress
  • FINE™/Marine's flow solver (limited to 4 cores)
  • CFView™

The C-Wizard can be used to automatically set up different applications such as:

  • resistance
  • sea-keeping
  • open water propeller
  • planing hulls including Savistky prediction
  • sailing yacht for VPP database
  • hydrofoil for VPP database
  • trim optimization

Sponsoring the future

NUMECA is proud to be a partner and sponsor of student teams enabling students to learn hands-on, to solve complex engineering problems and to create state-of-the-art designs. 


To find the optimum design within the limits of the competition, the Agoria Solar Team from KU Leuven ran many simulations using OMNIS™, and were able to make a large variety of design changes thanks to its quick and easy, yet high-quality mesh production.

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The Manta Ray team (from the Moscow Polytechnic University) used FINE™/Marine to minimize drag by reducing the surface area of the hull wetted by the water and the wave making characteristics of the boat. 

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The Poly eRacing team (from Polytechnique Montréal) used OMNIS™/Hexpress to design the formula student car.

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Teams from HEIG-VD and Mines Paris Tech use FINE™/Marine in their participation in the HYDROcontest.


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